Ball Bearings


Ball bearings are designed to reduce friction in a shaft/housing assembly, while carrying axial and radial loads. This is achieved with balls rotating within two rings. ZWZ provides a range of catalog ball bearings ranging in inner diameter sizes from 12mm to 150mm. These bearings can be customized with specific seals, shields, grease, internal clearance, and lubrication to meet the customers application.  


Deep Groove Ball Bearings

 The deep groove ball bearing is the most common bearing used in industries today; applications include everything from small kitchen appliances to large industrial equipment. The deep groove ball bearing is well suited to carry radial loads at even high speeds. ZWZ provides a full range of deep groove ball bearings. Deep groove ball bearings can be used in single rows, in combination, double row with integrated inner and outer rings. 


Angular Contact Ball Bearings

The angular contact ball bearing is designed to better support combined loading; axial and radial loads. Radial loads follow a straight line through the bearing, but axial loads follow an angled path that tries to separate the two raceways. To support combined loading angular contact ball bearings use asymmetrical raceways that transfers the axial load through a contact angle compared to the axial center of the bearing. Angular contact bearings can be used a single rows, in combination, double row with integrated inner and outer rings. 


Customizable Solutions

 ZWZ can provide customizable solutions for specific customer applications. 

Customizable components for ball bearings:

  • Seals
  • Shields
  • Internal Clearance
  • Lubricants 
  • Ceramic Balls


  • Automotive
  • Heavy Truck & Trailer
  • Agriculture

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