About ZWZ Bearing USA

ZWZ Bearing USA Company History

1938 - ZWZ was established in Wafangdian, Dalian, China.

1949 - ZWZ designed and manufactured its first industrial bearing.

1954 - The first automotive bearing products were designed and manufactured by ZWZ.

1995 - The bearings for the 3 Gorges dam were developed and manufactured by ZWZ.

2006 - ZWZ developed their first wind energy slewing bearings. 

2011 - New tapered roller bearing factory was completed in Wafangdian.

2012 - ZWZ began shipping tapered roller and ball bearings to North American automotive customers. 

2013 - ZWZ expands production to factories in Liaoyang and Changshu.

2014 - ZWZ Bearing Europe was founded.

2014 - ZWZ R&D Technical & Sales center open in Plymouth, MI.


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